Tips to teach your children to take care of the environment

Our children learn by imitation and that is why it is very important that we give them a good example as regards the care of the environment. That is why it is important that we take into account a series of tips that help us to instill in them the importance of respecting our natural resources. A good education can last a long time, even when you practice your career as a Mexico dentist and use materials that are polluting in a responsible manner.

So pay attention and start now to introduce them to this wonderful routine:

Recycles: it is undoubtedly a pending account in many homes but if we turn it into a game it can be fun and educational for the child at the same time. To start get yourself a dustbin with spacers and put a different bag in each of them. Teach your child what material is in each of them and motivate him to put an interest in separating the garbage well.

Save water: what child does not like to spend hours playing in the bathtub? He begins to teach him that the water can run out and that is why we must turn off the tap while we brush our teeth or we soap ourselves, for example. It must become aware that water is not a game but a resource that must be taken care of so as not to lose it.

Take care of the environment: show the importance of taking care of the plants and trees of our environment and the benefits that we obtain from them. At this point it is interesting to emphasize the initiative of org, which works for the recovery of olive trees in Oliete (Teruel), conserving the biodiversity of the area and generating a sustainable economy in it. This project is supported by Hojiblanca that in its bottles includes all the information to participate and get baptize your tree, follow its evolution and even receive oil from our own olive tree.

Save electricity: it is very common for children to go around the house turning on all the lights. Teach that you have to turn them off every time we go out to make better use of energy.
Do not throw anything on the ground: it is very unpleasant to go to a beach and find garbage on the shore so you have to be aware and set an example to our children that the bins are there for something and that if we do not find one the best is to save the paper or trash and throw it away when possible. If we all did, the cities would shine.