The importance of the family

The family, indistinctly of its typology, is the pillar on which the development of an individual is based, it is that union that cares for everyone to have their basic needs of food and housing and even take care of their medical needs with the best doctors and dentists like Dental 6ta & E.

So, what is the family?

It is the first environment where the human being is related to other people, in which he learns the values, principles, norms, and notions about life. Also, it is the social environment where children get security, respect, and love. The family contributes to the construction of the child’s identity and personality.

The primary objective of the family must be to prepare the child to have a successful and happy adult life. This is achieved through an integral education that allows you to: face future problems in the best way, make effective and economic security, respect others, respect yourself and consolidate your self-esteem.

Types of families

There are several types of family. The classification depends on the profile and the number of its members. A family can be:

Nuclear or two-parent family

It is made up of both parents and one or more children. It is the family that society promotes to build. It is commonly known as a typical family.

Extended family

It is that family in which the children live together with other consanguineous or related relatives, such as grandparents, uncles, cousins. This family may or may not include parents.

Single-parent family

In this type of family, the child or children are raised by one of their parents, usually by the mother. But there are cases in which the father raises the children. Some common causes are:

-Birth during childbirth.
-Separation of parents.
– Disinterest in raising a child.

Adoptive family

It occurs when a couple decides to receive a child who has run out of a family. Adoption occurs when a couple has not succeeded in having offspring or, only, by choice.

The family of separated parents

Unlike single-parent families, parents decide to live apart but continue to watch over their children, becoming involved in their development and growth.

The family assembled or composed

This type of family occurs when one or both parents have one or more children from previous relationships. In this case, the children have to live with half-brothers or stepbrothers.

Family homoparental

It is made up of homosexual parents or mothers who adopt a child. Similarly, a homoparental family can be made up of two women who have opted for in vitro fertilization to have one or several children.