Pregnant with twins: What do I have to eat?

You do not have to eat for three but the energy cost is higher

If you are pregnant with twins or twins, you will have to worry more about what you eat during these months. The feeding in a multiple gestation is more demanding: a greater contribution of nutrients is needed because the energy expenditure is 10% higher than in a single pregnancy.

Your body

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First conclusion: during a twin pregnancy you do not have to eat for three, as they say.

Gain weight in a twin pregnancy

The recommended weight gain depends on the mother’s weight prior to pregnancy. In women who are overweight or obese, a smaller gain is advised during pregnancy. The recommendations about normal gain in multiple gestations are not fully established. A gain of around 16 Kilos is recommended for women who had a normal weight before pregnancy.

The energy expenditure in a pregnant woman of twins is 10% more than if her pregnancy were a single fetus. It is not necessary therefore to ‘eat for three’. A caloric intake of about 40-45 Kcal / kgr / day is recommended.

It is normal for the mother expecting twins or twins to have more nausea and vomiting, as their hormone levels are higher. Therefore, it is important that you follow some dietary advice such as breaking up the total intake of the day into five meals.

Pregnant twins: staple foods

As in the womb there are two babies forming, there may be deficiencies of some nutrients that must be prevented.

It is necessary for the production of hemoglobin and the total blood volume increases greatly in these pregnancies. Therefore, to avoid anemia due to lack of iron in pregnancy, in addition to taking the supplements that the doctor will prescribe, it is advisable to follow a diet with foods rich in this mineral:

Red meats
You have to take them together with another rich in vitamin C, like a natural orange juice, to promote the absorption of iron. Instead, avoid eating them along with foods rich in calcium, such as dairy.

Folic acid
In addition to preventing neural tube defects, folic acid decreases the risk of miscarriage and of children with low weight, very common problems in these pregnancies. It is necessary to prepare the pregnancy taking of this vitamin from three months before looking for the gestation and during all her.

Calcium requirements are higher than a normal pregnancy. In addition, with the rest – very frequent in this type of gestations – the calcium is lost more by the urine. The best natural sources of calcium come from these foods:

Dairy in general
Canned sardines
Dried figs
Sea bream