Grateful Children, Happy Children

A few days ago I read an article about the importance of being grateful people and how this relates to happiness. This logic is perfectly applicable to our children, especially when they are small and our moral education and values are in our hands. What your children will thank you most is that you take them with Samaritan Dental.

Why is it important that our children be grateful people?

1.- Being grateful people leads us to be aware of what we have and give it its importance, so we will feel blessed with our family, friends, work, this will lead us to be happier and not only focus on material goods .

2. When we put aside the things we need, we get rid of that negative charge that can overshadow us because we feel we will be happier if we have what we can not achieve. Without falling into conformism, we must focus on seeing the positive side of any situation or circumstance.

3.- The grateful people share their happiness and that improves their interpersonal relationships. A thank you is more than a sign of kindness when we appreciate the ideas that come from other people, their collaboration or a gift, we make the other staff feel special, we make them see the importance of their work, their company, their attentions, et cetera.

4.- To the extent that we are grateful people, we become aware that we need others and we can contribute to their benefit. The simple facts of taking a hot bath, involves the work of several people, the same goes for many of the benefits we have.

5.- The grateful people live in peace, because they find the positive in their lives, that makes them constantly find teachings in each new job, personal or professional situation, that way they grow as people and professionals, they find new opportunities, they take on challenges and they commit themselves.

How to Manage Emotions in Children

In the same way as the rest of the human organism, emotional development starts from the mother’s womb. Sometimes children are just worried because something hurts them or they are angry about any discomfort, if this bothering is in the teeth, you can take it with a Tijuana dentist like Via Dental.

The moment of birth when coming into contact with the environment, the child begins to put into operation their emotions, which are shaped according to physical stimuli and the people around him. Here are some tips for your children to learn to know their emotions and know how to react to them:

1.- The interaction with the child is vital during the first months of life, because to the extent that parents communicate with their children they can begin to transmit knowledge of all kinds.

2.- Call the feelings and emotions by their name. It is an initial way of exposing children to the knowledge of their own emotions and those of others. It is necessary to use the appropriate labels: “You are angry”, “You are sad”.

3.- In the interaction with other children, the children will learn to identify their own emotions as a mirror, while they will develop a sense of empathy, because they will discover that there are people who share their feelings.

4.- According to the age of the child, it is important to talk about situations that could mean some emotional crisis in children, from the death of a pet, to a divorce or the death of a family member.

5.- Strategies within the family: Parents should talk and decide what is going to be faced with a circumstance that generated a cluster of emotions and that at any given moment it became a problem.

6.- Regarding the above, it is always recommended to have family conversations where they explain and talk with the children about what happened and how each one can propose a solution to improve the family climate.

7.- Positive discipline is an important tool in the education of the child. When the children are given a range of options on how to act, the decision is more effective and less complicated, because it is guided by the experience of the parents.

Reasons to Take Your Children to the Dentist

If your child already has all the teeth you should take it to the dentist, since he will take care of those beautiful pearls. As parents you are always concerned about the health of your children’s teeth you have to take them with the best, with BajaDent Tijuana Dentist.

The first visit of children to the dentist
The professional will do a revision of teeth and gums, see if bottle cavities exist, will evaluate possible problems such as crossed bite, open or growth alterations and, surely, will initiate a history on the medical and dental history of the child. It is time to correct bad habits on time and introduce good cleaning habits early on.

When it is time to go to the dentist, parents should strive to convey to their child a sense of confidence and security. It is necessary that the child and the dentist have a good relationship and do not create fears or fears from the beginning.

To prevent tooth decay in baby teeth, a lot of hygiene

Even before the first tooth appears, the gums should be cleaned after each feeding. For this, you can use a wetted gauze. When teething begins, use the brush; Of course, at the beginning, without toothpaste until 2 years. From then on, you can put a small amount, as long as it is especially suitable for children, that is, with low fluoride content. And remember: to prevent tooth decay, do not leave it with only the bottle in your mouth, because prolonged contact with milk sugars predispose to the appearance of cavities.

Remember that oral health is important at any age, so we must eradicate the following myths:

1.-The appointment with the dentist begins in adolescence. This data is wrong, because since children begin to have teeth should go with him.

2.-You should go to the dentist only when there is pain or discomfort in the teeth. Prevention helps detect bad habits or dental problems.

3.- Orthodontics must be applied when all the teeth have come out. Removable orthodontics is the standard treatment for the correction of limited dental movements, which uses the natural growth of the maxilla to guide the teeth and bone structures to the correct position.

4.- The aesthetic treatments do not exist for children. It is a big lie now there are several 100% aesthetic products with endless colors to make them more fun.

5.-After orthodontics no care is required, the teeth stay well forever. How all treatment should have a lifetime maintenance.