Move In With Your Children After The Divorce

Families may have many reasons to want to move. You may want to run to get a better job, be in a safer area or be close to your friends and family. For most people the decision of mud is personal. However, it may not be the case if you are separated or divorced and have a custody order. In this situation, you may need permission from the judge to change your child’s residence. If you want to give a complete change to your life, have you thought about moving near the beach? Well, now that you have considered it and want to live in a relaxed place after the stress of the discouraged children you can go to Baja Rosarito Realty for help.

You may need the judge’s approval to move if:

He is running more than 100 miles from where he now lives
You are moving to another state, no matter what type of custody you have.
The 100-mile rule
The “100-mile rule” applies to you unless there is one of the four exceptions listed below. The 100-mile government says that you must have the judge’s permission to move with your child more than 100 miles from where the other parent lived when your family law case began.

The 100-mile rule applies to both parents, even if the child spends most of the time with only one. It is applicable even if you move in or out of the state.

You have exclusive legal custody;
The other parent agrees to the move and the two sign a written stipulation;
You and the other parent were already living more than 100 miles away when the family law case began; or
Your new home will be closer to the other parent’s house than your previous home.
How does the judge decide whether to allow the move?
After filing your motion, there will be a hearing. The judge will consider if:

1. The move will improve the quality of life for you and your child;

2. You are using the move to limit the time the other parent spends with your child;

3. New foster care arrangements will allow your child to maintain a relationship similar to the one he has now with the other parent;

4. The other parent is opposing the move to pay less child support;

5. You are moving to get away from domestic violence in the relationship with another parent.